We are more than a dive center, we are Liquid Adventures Dahab.

Liquid Adventures Dahab wants to be a dive center like no other.  We don’t want you to just come diving in Dahab, we want to send you on an unforgettable adventure! Not only do we do things differently, we do it better!

At Liquid Adventures Dahab we believe our customers should also be our friends. We offer a home environment where people coming for diving in Dahab are welcome to join us behind the counter and mingle freely with the staff and other customers.

While we offer fantastic diving in Dahab and beyond, we don’t want to be just a dive center. We want to deliver a complete holiday experience for everyone visiting us. Therefore, we focus not only on the divers, but also on the enjoyment of the non-divers. It is our aim to ensure that every member of your group and/or family has a fantastic vacation!

Our team consists of people from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds. Yet, we all share a profound love for diving and the underwater world. In addition, our multilingual staff can teach courses in several languages, including Dutch, French and German.

Come join the family!!

We thank Luc Rooman for the many beautiful pictures that we used.


You can come to us for everything diving related, such as:

  • Introduction Dives.
  • Guided Dives.
  • Padi Dive Courses for all levels.
  • Padi Dive Specialty Courses.
  • Technical Diving.
  • Liveaboards to the south of the Red Sea.
  • Camping trips to Ras Mohammed National Park.
  • Boat trips to Gabr el Bint.
  • Day trips to the Thistlegorm.
  • Camel trips to Ras Abu Gallum.


We also offer:

  • Barbecue or Bedouin dinner in the desert.
  • Trips to the White and Colored Canyons.
  • Visits to Mount Sinai and/or the St. Catherine’s Monastery.
  • Snorkel trips to the Blue Hole.
  • Camel riding, horse riding, quad biking and much more.


Our main concern

is to ensure that everyone can experience the vacation of their dreams, and see Dahab and Liquid Adventures Dahab forever as a second home. We do our best to achieve this not only by taking care of the big, but all the small things too, including:

  • Transfers to and from the airport.
  • Booking a hotel, apartment, studio or camp.
  • Local advice on the best shops, how to get around Dahab, and the best places to eat.
  • What to do in Dahab and how.
  • And much much more!